How to choose your hotel channel manager | 2020 – 2022

There are many channel managers available now days, it’s very tough task to choose among them for your hotel or hotel chains. Hotels and Hotel chains are adopting oodles strategy to simplify their distributions & manage revenue, channel manager is a significant tool for single point distributions & it’s very handy.

So question arise here, Factors to Consider before Choosing a Channel Manager For A Hotel?

It’s depend on hotelier requirements and many other factors,  mentioning few of them in below.

1. Maximum Distribution – Channel manager should have all most all well performing channels rather than some tenacious list with non performing channels.

Note: Channel performance variegates from destination to destination & property to property so hotelier should aware of these scenarios.

2. OTA Links – Channel Manager should have all required OTA’s to cater hotel’s target market.

3. PMS & Other Links – Channel managers can connect to booking engines/ GDS / PMS/ Meta search engine/ Wholesalers/ RMS/ CRS …  if hotelier using any of these system then they have to check what all channel managers are connected to them.

So hotelier can manage their distributions from their own system.

Hotelier System (PMS/ CRS/…) -> Channel Manager -> OTA’s

4. Effective Management –

1 – A channel manager which can support a pooled inventory across channels can reduce this pressure as well as increase hotel’s productivity from all channels by maintaining availability parity.

2 – Its staggeringly important that how many inventory/ rate/ rateplan code combinations hotelier can efficaciously manage. A channel manager should be able to support various inventory/ rate/ rateplan code combinations on multiple channels.

3 – Channel manager should able to cater all required offers/ supplements / add-ons/ taxes

5. Simple Connectivity – Good channel manager should have a simplified method of aiding hotels in increasing their distribution channel.

6. White Label –  Channel manager should be able to support multiple users for a single property as well as multiple properties for a single user. Whatever may be the case, channel manager should have this provision to manage these users as per their privileges.

7. Update Time – How far can a channel manager send the updates out is also an important factor. The more dates you manage, the more data needs to be sent out simultaneously. At the same time what is important is how long does it take to successfully update for far out dates in future.

8. Training & Support – Use of system will be preceded by a training. Thus, hotel needs a vendor who can provide regular & repetitive training’s as well as a tool with its support help guide. A hotel needs a channel manager from a vendor which can provide a regular global support.

9. Pricing / Budget – Are you required to pay a fixed cost per month or are you charged a percentage of all bookings? hotelier should check pricing  & plans of all major channel managers.

10. Mobile-friendly – How reach or user-friendly is the software? do they have any mobile application?

11. Brand – How long they are in to channel manager  business?  How big they are?

If you do have anything to add or want any help then please don’t forget to write us.